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Allston, MA 02134 U.S.A
TEL/FAX 617-232-3592
Email: bdr@bostondoublereed.com

We have handmade all-leather light instrument cases. They are designed for the best fit for each instrument, so as to protect from cracking or being jarred out of adjustment.

We are willing to customize for your special needs, i.e., for double EH/oboe cases, double oboe cases, or cases with room for extra top joints. Case cover is also available. Please ask for details.

BDR Custom Made Leather Case

Inside color

Twilight (Dark Blue)  Forest (Green)    Ruby (Red)


BDR Single Oboe Leather Case.
approx.1.1lb (500g)
12" X 6.9" X 2.5" (31cm X 17.5cm X 6.3cm)

BDR Double Oboe Leather Case.
approx. 1.70lb (775g)
15.6" X 10" X 2.5" (39.5cm X 25.5cm X 6.3cm)

BDR Single Oboe Leather Case + Extra Top Joint
12.2" X 8.7" X 2.5" (31cm X 22cm X 6.3cm)

BDR Single English Horn Leather Case
17.3" X 23.2" X 2.9" (44cm X 23.2cm X 7.3cm)

BDR Single Ob d'Amore Leather Case

BDR Oboe/English Horn Combination Leather Case.
approx. 2.9lb (1.3kg)
17.7" X 11" X 2.9" (45cm X 28cm X 7.3cm)